The 1st SMPI Team Building and Collaboration Workshop: A Strong Foundation for SMPI
Posted last August 01, 2016

The men and women of San Miguel Properties, Inc. got an added boost to  their morale at the 1st SMPI Team Building and Collaboration  Workshop held last July 29 to 30 at the San Miguel Management Training Center.  With all the activities and new ventures being readied for roll out this 2016, SMPI  is making sure that everyone is ready for whatever challenges that will come  their way.


Designed to foster camaraderie and teamwork amongst SMPI’s members,  the two-day workshop was attended by SMPI’s management committee and staff.  General Manager Karen V. Ramos took the lead in the various activities  facilitated by San Miguel Corporation’s Corporate Human Resources Department.


Participants got to know each other even more as they teamed up and  engaged in friendly competition with relay races. They also opened up as they  shared their experiences and worked towards understanding their colleagues  better to give them the support they need. 


Energized and inspired after the 1st SMPI Team Building  and Collaboration Workshop, SMPI is ready to take on more this 2016!