Six Things to Consider in Choosing A Home
Posted last March 27, 2018
1. Location
You have to make sure  that your house is accessible to important basic and leisure establishments  such as schools, hospitals, churches, fire and police stations, malls and  supermarkets. Considering this will save you on the hassles of long commuting  or driving going to these places.

It is also a must to  check if the location is both flood-free and far from the center of the  faultline. By doing so, you can spare your family from experiencing the extreme  effects of these natural hazards.

You have to admit that  people nowadays are very enthusiastic to post on their social media accounts of  there whereabouts. And with that, the mobile and broadband coverage of a  location is now an essential thing to look over. Other than to keep you connected online, making sure that you have a good signal will help your kids  on their online researches or better yet whenever you decide to work from home.


2. Neighborhood
The activities in your  neighborhood can have a huge impact on your state of mind and how your kids  will grow up to be. When choosing a house you have to consider that the  families living next to your home will be a potential extention of yours. Their kids and your kids will be playmates, might go to the same school and will grow  up as friends. Being in a quiet, and decent neighborhood will give you peace of  mind that you are sure to raise a good child.

3. Value for Money
This cliche’ will never  go obsolete especially in owning a house. You have to bear in mind that you  will undertake this kind of big purchase only at least once in your lifetime,  and that it only became possible with years of hardwork and saving. You can confidently say that you got your money’s worth by choosing a house smartly  layouted, with generous spaces and made of materials with the best quality.

You are a smart buyer, so  don’t be shy to check even the smallest details of your prospected unit’s  technical specifications.


4. Security
Insuring that you and your  family are staying in an exclusive and safe community is essential. Living in  gated subdivisions with round-the-clock security will help you sleep well at  night.


5. Amenities
When the mentioned  qualities are all in and you still have a couple of options to choose from, the  available amenities are usually the tie-breaker. These are bonus features in  townhouses and subdivisions that homeonwers can enjoy. Clubhouse, swimming  pool, playground, basketball court, park, gym, and the list goes on for other  developers to attract home-seekers.


6. Trusted Developer
Speaking of developers,  there are lots of them in the industry but only few are able to consider  everything in this checklist. One of them is San Miguel Properties, the real estate  arm of the country’s most established conglomerate, the San Miguel Corporation,  who remained true to their promise of providing affordable, quality and  innovative housing concepts for the changing Filipino Lifestyle.

Among their residential  projects are subdivisions in General Trias, Cavite; Maravilla, Bel Aldea and  Asian Leaf, a townhouse in Pasig; Emerald 88, and a luxury townhouse in San  Juan; Dover Hill.

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